Deep Eddy Vodka


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Deep Eddy Vodka wanted to raise a glass to hard-working Moms and Dads across America. We created the following spots that were launched online and throughout social media the week leading up to Father's Day.

"There are a lot of crazy moments that happen to us as parents and this campaign is all about celebrating them in a lighthearted way," says Brandon Cason, VP of Marketing for Deep Eddy Vodka (and Dad to 3 children under the age of 6).  "When Lauren Bayne from Offspring approached me with the idea of relating to parents in a fun and relevant way, I was definitely on board. I just wish we could have done more spots. The number of laughable parenting moments in just one typical day at my house are endless!"

In fact, some of those moments happen when we think we've taken parenting to the next level. These spots celebrate Dads by raising a glass to the "talks" they've all done or will have to do one day with their sons.


Creative Director/Writer: Lauren Bayne

Director: Clay Liford

Director of Photography: Yuta Yamaguchi

Executive Producer: Susan Lazarus

Production: Arts + Labor

Editor: Cody Ground

Motion Graphics: Jennifer Piper & Colin Kohler

Audio Mix: Friendo Sound