Firemans light

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San Francisco creative syndicate, Partners in Crime, needed a, “boots on the ground” creative partner in Texas for the launch of a new beer: Firemans Light. So when they called me, I strapped on my Tecovas, fired up the creative juices, and got busy. We were tasked with launching Real Ale Brewing Company’s first-ever light beer, which was a huge step for this legendary Texas craft brewer. We got schooled on their beer making process, did in-depth comparison tasting, uncovered all kinds of strategic insight thanks to Big Sky, and then put all of the ingredients into our creative oven.

What we discovered is that for so long, the light beer category has been acting like a couple of middle school girls in a fight over a boy. The major beer makers think arguing about who is better and creating more divisiveness among people drinking light beer in their backyard is the way to increase sales. And sadly enough, using the: You Vs. Us device has been working! Sound familiar America?

Aren’t we tired of more messaging that tears us apart? Well we were. And the fine folks at Real Ale were too. In turn, what they created was a light beer that wasn’t only going to play in their sandbox. They made the first Real Light Beer that united the craft beer AND light beer aisles. Uniting people, instead of dividing…imagine that.

We call it, A Light Beer for All Y’all. Because it is for all y’all who like light beer and care about where it’s made, how it’s brewed, what goes into it, and the hard-working local Texans who bring it to you. And to spread that message, we reached out to everyday Texans across the state to help us do it. Even my Dad!

So the next time you find yourself in the beer aisle, contemplating calories, quality and taste, grab a Firemans Light and raise your koozie to the non-discriminating people of Texas!


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Founder & Creative Director: Stephen Goldblatt
Partner & Creative Director: Lee Einhorn

ACD/Writer: Lauren Bayne
Strategist: Jen Billiot
Media Planning: Noelle Newby

Art Direction: Stephen Goldblatt
Writer: Peter Rosch

Writer: Lee Einhorn
Writer: Mike Tuton
Design: Bob Dinetz
Illustration: Lisa Engler
Photography / Retouching: Scott Harben
Animation: Noah Rappaport
Animation: Simon Ainge

Web Development: Jason Lively

Production: PiC Production
Director: Stephen Goldblatt
Executive Producer: James Hagedorn

Post Production: Rough House

Executive Producer: James Hagedorn
Editor: Erik Carlson
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Audio: Jeremiah Moore
Music: Mophonics