Video Content

International children's clothier, Nui Organics., makes stylish frocks from the finest Merino wool and organic cotton that lasts longer than childhood does. Our brand launch spot for Nui, illustrates this by following a young boy through the years making memories in his favorite Nui thermal. We had a blast producing this spot with the talented folks at Arts+Labor in Austin and were thrilled to team up with Nashville recording artist, Ellie Holcomb, who created a stunning piece of original music for us.

Creative Director/Writer: Lauren Bayne

Director: Yen Tan

Director of Photography: Yuta Yamaguchi

Executive Producer: Susan Lazarus

Production: Arts + Labor

Editor: Wenjing Zhang

Motion Graphics: Kirby Conn & Jennifer Piper 

Music: Ellie Holcomb

Engineer: Kyle Crusham