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Smile Doctors, a growing network of orthodontic clinics, was looking to launch their brand, focusing on their unique, in-clinic experience which results in beautiful, confident smiles. I was contracted by ad agency, Archer Malmo, to create a new brand voice, creative platforms, web copy, and on-going marketing campaigns that would showcase what a Smile Doctors experience is all about. The result was a youthful pop art inspired brand with humorous, cheery messaging that evokes a sense of happiness while highlighting their enjoyable and unique patient experience.

Our bus shelter vendor was so excited to be doing his first lenticular ad, and took this video to show us how it came to life.

Stay tuned to the end where we see someone who is definitely NOT Smiling Happy! 🤣

Fun Fact: The following videos include real Smile Doctors patients and Team Members only. No professional cast were used.

Executive Creative Director: Matt Rand

Creative Director/Writer: Lauren Bayne

ACD/Art Director: Cat Trevino

OOH Art Director: Claire Hargis

Video Production: Revelator